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 Binzhou city nine days ore screen mesh industry co., LTD. Is a company mainly produce all kinds of screen mesh,At the same time foreign shagang group production sales、Baosteel、65Manganese82BSpring steel wire screen mesh and wire professional manufacturers。The company hired professional screen mesh,Set up the new product research and development center,Always walk in front of the same industry,To develop into a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of specialization、Scale and internationalization of industrial company。 Doing things must first person for business,Do just do it!All kinds of screen mesh with domestic top materials is made。Good faith for the gold,The application letter is silver,We are one of the most sincere treat each other with our customers,By the people of the most potential service to our customers friends。Dare to be first,Nine days the company is the first home65MnThe manufacturer of steel wire screen mesh do;Is also the first production65MnWire mesh factory,Rubber is also the first promotion...

Binzhou city nine days ore screen mesh industry co., LTD
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