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Wynn, California
Shanxi jinxin hotel
Crowne plaza chengdu poly
The hotel
The hotel
Winbond Goldman machinery

Enterprise advantage

The complete vertical production chain
  • Operates in the wooden board、Material such as wood veneer,Furniture production assembly、Interior decoration design,From the source material to the finished product production,Ensure each work all is well。
Automatic and efficient production equipment
  • Up to25000Square meters workshop and office area,And have a complete high、Fine、Fully automated production line,Ensure that larger production task in the short term。
Exquisite craft,Quality assurance
  • The industry's most refined craft,From material selection to processing、Assembly、Grinding、Bottom oil、Repair the color、Finish until the final quality control、The packing、The shipment,All is the technicians to carry out the industry for many years in the industry。
Project research and development center,To create their own space design
  • Tailored exclusive furniture and decorative type furniture,Winbond Goldman project center,According to the different needs of customers,Provide space planning and design。
Many customers at home and abroad,Meet different design requirements
  • Throughout the country and the United States customer group、Canada、Japan、Singapore、Countries such as India,And from the star hotel is satisfied、The apartment、High-end office buildings、Universities and other different design requirements。
Winbond Goldman machinery

+ More and moreAbout dongguan winbond Goldman wood industry co., LTD/ About us

Dongguan winbond Goldman wood industry co., LTD

Dongguan winbond Goldman wood industry co., LTD

Dongguan winbond Goldman wood industry co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of engineering customized furniture。Was established1985In dongguan yu feng decoration material co., LTD on the basis of development。Through the two generations30Years of effort,Since the company has many manufacturing factories and sales company,Factory with a total area of super10Million square meters。The company has been engaged in wood industry,From the source of natural log、Plywood base material、Act the role of panel、Natural wood veneer furniture until now the engineering solid loading and activity。Furniture factory specializing in the production......To check the details

  • The entity factory、The equipment is complete、The professional quality and service、With high standard qualification authentication。
  • Up to100,000Square meters of factory building and office area。
  • Electrification and automation of efficient production line。
  • Using imported high-end precision equipment。
Digital cutting machine
Line coating machine

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