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  • Aptech most popular courses
    The network engineer
    Network engineering
    The network engineer
    Software engineering
    javaSoftware development
    JAVASoftware development
    Cloud computing
    Cloud computing
    Big data
    Big data development
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  • Aptech school is introduced
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  • Free summer camp about it together?
    Free summer camp about it together?
    This time“Aptech hua teng campus invite you become protagonist”Theme summer camp……
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    Aptech hua school:Software engineerACCPCourse comprehensive upgrade8.0Version
    Aptech hua school:Soft
     Zero basis aptech teng school in ChinaACCP8.0A software engineer……
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    Aptech hua school From2016Average annual pay the college students
    Aptech hua school From2
    The ministry of education figures show,2017Session of the national ordinary university graduates is expected795Wan……
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    Congratulations to aptech China school won a number of the year award
    Congratulations to aptech hua school
    Throughout the year“For those routes,stay true to the missio,Excellent team,To insist on teaching……
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    Congratulations to our school won the aptech super speaker awards
    Congratulations to our school won the aptech
    11Month16Day,The first aptech“The speaker”Speech contest in Beijing……
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    The first session“Aptech cup”Super speaker series is waiting for you to fight!
    The first session“Aptech cup”Super
    My major is so great,How can be enterpriseSay NO! Refuse to do generation……
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    Aptech gains xinhua net of the year award
    Aptech gains in xinhua
    ,AptechAPTECHWith inITOutstanding contributions of vocational education,To obtain……
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    Expert analytical computer professional prospects
    Expert analysis before computer science
    The college entrance examination after the application is a top priority of students and parents,Seven points,3……
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    High salaries to cloud computing professionals
    High salary to hire special cloud computing
    From the recruitment website survey data show,The same qualifications operations engineer,Understand……
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    Cloud computing 10 years the future development
    Cloud computing 10 years the future development
    Now the use of cloud computing scope covers all over the world190Countries and regions……
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    Tell the true,2016The year will be the most difficult jobs
    Tell the true,2016Years will be a job
    Tell the true,2016Will undoubtedly is the most difficult year employment Kids how……
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    Years later turned to learn what technology good employment
    Years later turned to learn what is a good technology
    Turned to learn what good,Is a job-hopping peak before and after the Spring Festival every year,There are a lot of……
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  • Aptech teachers

    Xu Yuexin

    Technical expertise:Proficient in object-oriented programmingJAVAAdvanced programming、Struts2、Spring、Hibernate、MyBatisEnterprise framework technology、JSP+Servlet+JDBCSite;Grasp skilledOracle、SQL Server……
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    Yang Feng

    Technical expertise:Guangzhou science and technology network cut over five million projects、The first electronic switching project management system、The CCTV Spring Festival gala node set up、People search information database construction of phase ii、Phoenix net line planning and design。Technical expertise:Cisco……
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    Peng-cheng xu

    Technical expertise:Be familiar withASP.NET WINFORM Development,SkilledWindows,Linux,UNIXSuch as the operating system,SkilledSSH的WebDevelopment framework,Skillfully use: Eclipse、resin、Tomcat、JBoss,PL/SQL,CVS,SVN,VSSSuch as development tool......
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    Xu Ning

    Technical expertise:ForUIHas the understanding of the original design,Is also the first in ChinaUIDesigner,Was responsible for trade, mobile phoneappDesign、Financial street of mobile phoneappDesign、Hongta group WeChat small program design、ArbitraryappDesign、Class worksappDesign, etc……
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    Cui Hong fly

    Technical expertise:Be familiar withmyeclipseThe development environment,The skilledSQL2008,oracle ,mysqlThe operation of the database,Be familiar with the structures, all kinds of development environment,Familiar with project deployment, and project implementation and related document writing。Familiar with three layers……
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    Ren Shuang

    Work experience:6Aptech in teaching management experience,Now aptech north China teaching quality management department manager,For education and psychologyITThe development of the industry has a very original ideas。Pay attention to daily communication with students,Actively help students solve the problem of life and study……
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  • Aptech students employment
     Aptech employment star
    Student's name:Hou Jingui Record of formal schooling:Technical secondary school
    Enterprise of employment:IBM
    The current position:The operations engineer
    Employment testimonials:2005In my college entrance examination this,Teng with dreams came to China after graduation I use China to my knowledge I entered the roomITService companyIBM......
    Student's name:Ling-ling wu Record of formal schooling:Bachelor degree
    Enterprise of employment:Renren
    The current position:Big data development engineers
    Employment testimonials:During the training,The center of the north China teng meticulous teacher worked brings me a lot of touched him。The classroom teaching of theory、Exercise after class、The actual project operation error correction……
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